April Marie is now open for lessons in Niantic, Connecticut! 

See Contact page to communicate with April Marie about starting music instruction, and see photograph below of the gorgeous new lessons space!

April Marie has been giving music instruction in flute, voice, piano, and recently beginning guitar, for over 35 years. 

She earned her undergraduate degree from George Mason University in K-12 General Music, specializing in Operatic Vocal Training. April received her Masters Degree from the College of St. Rose in Jazz Studies, specializing in Voice. 

April Marie has served as Cantor & Ceremony vocalist for numerous churches in the Capital District of Albany, New York, & Southeastern Connecticut, including funerals and weddings, for over 35 years. 

Below are the testimonies from numerous students and parents of students, attesting to her method of teaching.  

 April took four friends who had not sung together in years and whipped us into a quartet that performed for hundreds at the Linda in Albany. Thank you April.

~Stuart Freyer, MD

As all children, my daughter has her own quirks, strengths, and weaknesses.  By quickly recognizing this, and in particular my daughter's need -- as a perfectionist -- for discipline and finite, achievable goals, April Marie is able to instruct her in a way that makes the most of their time together in each and every lesson. As a result, my daughter has improved tremendously in a very short amount of time while thoroughly enjoying the process. April Marie is a gifted teacher.

~Julie Bielawski, mother of 13-year-old piano and voice student

April Marie is a very dedicated music teacher. She opens a new world for her students with the music she teaches, bringing a positive and energetic style. April takes a personal interest in her students and encourages them with love, but she also tells her students when she expects more from their effort. We will miss April very much. There is no one like her and we'er thinking of following her where ever she goes.

~Maria W. 

 April Marie has been a wonderful piano teacher for our son Ben for several years. She is enthusiastic and committed to her students. April Marie always encourages Ben to practice and reach out to her if he needs help in between sessions. Lessons are always instructional and fun and it has been so enjoyable for u to see Ben truly love to play the piano. Our son has developed a fine gift due to the positive instruction, passion, and encouragement from April Marie. 

~Scott and Christy Campbell, Averill Park, NY 

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for April Marie,   have had the pleasure of knowing for over eleven years.  April Marie has been a piano instructor for my daughter Jessica for the past eleven years and has taught her to a level today that I never could have imagined. She also taught her voice lessons as well. She is now a Junior in high school and has so much confidence and appreciation of music due to April's weekly influence at her lesson and recital times throughout the years.  

April is an extremely organized, energetic and motivating person.  She is an excellent listener and cares deeply about how her students learn and perform and feel about their achievements.

I have also known April Marie in her other capacity as a singer and she has a loyal following at many top establishments in the Capital District area.  As I am the Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the Averill Park Education Foundation for eight years a couple of things come to my mind.  April Marie has volunteered every year at our Annual Gala as a photographer or has been a singer and donated her time to support the students of our community at many events.  April and her family donated the funds to enable the Averill Park students to perform  'Bye Bye Birdie' through the Education Foundation for the whole community to enjoy.

April Marie will be an asset to your school community as a music teacher and I would highly recommend her in that capacity.  


Susan Powers

I took voice lesson with April Marie for two years as a high school student, and she helped me to increase my singing range and confidence more than I thought possible. Through introducing me to a wide range of genres, from showtunes to disco to opera, April Marie always kept my voice studies interesting and enjoyable. She is a highly accommodating and fun teacher. 

~Kit Collins, Averill Park, NY

Ben, piano student 

 April Marie was the singing coach of a barbershop quartet I am a member of [pictured above], and she sharpened us up for a public performance during several rehearsals. She is a terrific singer and public performer herself, she knows music intimately, and she is as rigorous as a drill sergeant when she moves into her role as coach. I can't say that she made great performers out of the four of us; no known force on earth is likely to achieve that. But she brought us together, sharpened and polished us, and helped us achieve respectable status as a singing group. She's a very talented woman and much better looking than any drill sergeant.

~William Kennedy

 Hana, voice student

Aleksandra, flute student 

Zach, guitar student 

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